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Keep Your Castle Clean: A Regular Maid Service for Atlanta Homeowners

You don’t have to break the bank to have a maid service keeping your home spotless. With our standard cleaning service, Atlanta Cleaner Homes provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure any home in Atlanta is transformed into a spotless place of respite. 

Let's start with a quick walk-through. Together we will develop a strategy to perform the job and waste no time in removing dirt, sanitizing, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning areas that are clear and clutter-free. Once you book your initial deep cleaning, our standard cleaning services can become a welcome routine that keeps your home clean. We do recommend starting with a deep cleaning if your home has never been professionally cleaned. 

Try Our Home Cleaning Service Today!

Atlanta Cleaners Homes is proud to offer the best home cleaning service in the city. All our standard cleanings include dusting and washing of all reachable surfaces, wiping high-traffic surfaces, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, and vacuuming & mopping of all floors. You can’t go wrong when our experts are the ones that keep your home spotless.

Please be sure to prepare for our arrival. Please be sure to remove clothes and clutter from the floor or from the surfaces that will be cleaned. 

Here is what’s included with our standard clean:

Bedroom & Common Areas:

o   Vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors and stairs

o   Dust all accessible surfaces 

o   Take out trash and recycling

o   Make the bed (replace sheets if left on the bed)


o   Wash, scrub, and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink

o   Clean countertops

o   Clean mirrors

o   Take out the trash

o   Mop floors


o   Clean Countertops and sink

o   Load dishwasher (if applicable). Dishes are an add-on service ($)

o   Wipe down the exterior of the stove, microwave, oven, and refrigerator

o   Mop floors

o   Take out trash and recycling

What does this service not include? We charge extra for the following:

Customize your service by adding these on!

As you are aware, the above services are time-consuming and require additional resources. But don’t worry! We offer affordable prices for these services so anyone can request them.

What we can’t clean:

  • Exterior windows
  • Interior walls
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Animal waste
  • Mold removal
  • Rust removal/rust cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Lifting of heavy items
  • Surfaces above arm reach
  • High ceiling fans

To get started with your very own maid service, book an appointment now! Call Atlanta Cleaner Homes if you have any other questions or concerns.

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